09 January 2011

How to Install Broadcom 4312 Linux driver

Hello... Do you running Linux? So your installed Linux is not detecting your Broadcom 4312 device?

If your answers is YES, this article may be helpful.

I have looking for the firmware for my Broadcom 4312, I have installed it. But it doesn't work.

So the problem is, the recent Broadcom driver for Linux (said b43) is supporting most of Broadcom wireless device, but mine is not supported. Sadly. This is the link that will show you the list of supported device Broadcom 4312 Linux at that page, you can check whether your Broadcom is supported or not.

Now it's clear right? Since I written this article b43 was not supporting Broadcom 4312. What should we do?
Ok, check this out.

First you have to download the official Broadcom driver for linux. I have read that it is supporting our Broadcom 4312.
Download it from the links below:
you can also go to main page:

Second, download your preferred driver and the readme.txt file.

Third, read the manual guide on redme.

Install it. And enjoy it.

Here I'm not explaining the detail howto's because the redme.txt guide is complete enough. So you can do the detail step by step by reading the readme file.

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