06 January 2011

Google groups API and Yahoo groups API

You may be already known that Google open a lot of API for it's application including; Google Map, Google Mail, Google Translate and many others, Yahoo! did too.

Sadly since this article is being written, there is no Google groups API and Yahoo! groups API. So sad.

So how the group based website such as Grouply retrieve the messages from groups? Are they using Mail API to retrieve groups messages? Well this is also possible but it will be so hard, as I think. Or Grouply build it's own API manually from scratch to communicate with Google and Yahoo! groups?

I'm still imagine how to retrieve those messages to my web application. Still thinking and finding idea.

You, do you have problem just like me? Have you solve it? Please let me know, how.


  1. I recently became interested in a Yahoo! Goups API, so that I can build a web interface for the subscribers to search throughtout all the messages sent. Sadly there's nothing like that (not from Yahoo!).
    If you hear news about it, let me know.


  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.
    You have a problem just like me ;)
    I need it too, I'll tell you when there is news about it.

  3. Hey.

    I was just searching around for "yahoo group api", and I found your blog. I also found this:

    Not 100% what the deal is, but maybe it could be useful?

  4. Hi Lindsay, I'm very appreciate you to share this information. O my God, thank you very much. That link would be helpful.

    Thank you again...

  5. Have you found any solution to retrieve the messages from google groups?

  6. I need to list yahoo and google groups searched by keyword in my application and i have not found any solution yet,if any one has the solution then share it please.

  7. hi Shoaib, maybe you should connect your application to access Yahoo Search API using Yahoo Search BOSS. Try this link

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  9. Hi Mary Martin, thanks for your replay. If so, then it is good news for us, will try that soon.