23 August 2009

UML convention

For the last quarter I had a difficulty on receiving UML convention, what happened and what was wrong? The keyword of this problem is on faculties on my academic place where I study. Normally students follow the rule from the books (by reading modules), if they didn't know about something then they will ask to the modules. What the module just said is used. Sadly many faculties didn't understand about this (or might be didn't want to pay attention). Each faculty have their own rule on UML convention, when the other said A then the other said B. This is really bad, actually bad for academic environment. The good academic environment is where the educator of academic environment can solve the problem of heterogeneous convention. Make a conference to make convention(s). But it still not held yet, they (faculties) didn't want to care about this big problem. Sadly, the students of campus where I studied were became confuse because of inconsistence-uml-convention in my campus.

Generally UML convention/rule is available for International, but what the hell happen here.

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